Humble bundle daily

This week we ended our first experiment with the Humble Daily Bundles. For 14 days, we delivered a bundle a day! There were some laughs and there were some tears, and a lot of banter in the Humble community. We want to let you know – hey, we’re listening! The best way for us to learn is to try new stuff and listen to your feedback. We tried a lot of experiments during the 14 Humble Daily Bundles, for SCIENCE! Some of those worked out better than others. We structured some bundles in a way that moved our usually humble average price to sky high levels, which is not fun for anyone. We’ve been bundling for a few years now, but we still have a lot to learn. We’re grateful to have an awesome Humble community to talk to and learn with. We’re proud to say that the Humble community has contributed more than $39 million to charity, $700,000 from the 14 Humble Daily Bundles. Thanks for supporting us and countless charities. Love,

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